Factoring in the Human Factor

The Value of Behavioral Science

At PIMCO, we are always striving to give our clients an edge and achieve the best possible outcomes. And, we’ve long believed that behavioral science can make us better investors and help our clients make better investment decisions.

A Checklist of Behavioral Science Best Practices

Apply behavioral science best practices to your meetings and processes for better outcomes.

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Behavioral Science at PIMCO

As an active investment manager with nearly 50 years of investment experience, PIMCO has been incorporating behavioral science techniques and de-biasing methods into our investment process for decades. Today, we’re continuing to expand the role of behavioral science to potentially benefit our clients in important ways.

Behavioral Insights

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The Human Factor: Using Behavioral Science to Improve Investment Decisions
Behavioral Science and Volatility
PIMCO Education

Behavioral Science and Volatility(video)

Behavioral Science and Volatility

During periods of market volatility, investors often focus on short-term returns instead of long-term goals. This video reviews how financial professionals can help guide investors, thus reducing negative consequences of emotional decision making and providing valuable guidance. Interested in additional Behavioral Science resources? Visit pimco.com/advisoreducation

The Well-Tempered Retiree: Rational Choice in an Uncertain Retirement
Managing Misbehavior: Rational Choice in an Uncertain Retirement

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Behavioral Biases

What Are Biases and Why Are They Important?

This interactive tool is designed to help investors better understand the cognitive and emotional biases that influence behavior and mitigate their effect, which can lead to better investment decisions and improved outcomes.

Chicago Booth
Investing in Behavioral Science

An Innovative Partnership of Academic and Investment Excellence

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Through our long-term partnership with The Center for Decision Research at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, PIMCO supports cutting-edge research from some of the field’s foremost experts – behavioral insights that may help us expand our knowledge and enhance our ability to deliver the best possible outcomes for investors.